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You should include the total amount outstanding for any joint loans you have, as well as the total value of the related assets, even if you are only responsible for a portion of the loan repayments. However, if you do only contribute to a portion of any loan repayments, just include your share rather than the full amount.

For example, you own a house with your partner. It’s worth $500,000 and you have a mortgage of $400,000 against it. The monthly repayments for that loan is $2,000, to which you only contribute $1,000. Use the following as a guide to complete your application.

  • Repayments: Declare $1,000 per month as your contribution to loan repayments.

  • Assets: Declare the full value of the asset, in this case $500,000.

  • Liabilities: Declare the full outstanding liability, in this case $400,000.

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