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We are definitely not a bank. Banks can be good for a lot of things, but not everything. We are not constrained by convention, and we think we make personal loans better.

Unlike banks, we personalise your interest rate, because we’re all different. So instead of everyone getting the same interest rate (regardless of whether they’re more or less likely to make their repayments on time) you’ll get a tailored interest rate based on our assessment of your application. This means if you’ve got adequate credit, you’ll get a good rate. If you’ve got an excellent credit history, you’ll get an even better rate.

Our customers love our online experience too. Borrowers can finish their application in around 10 minutes, and once matched to our investors have their money in their account within just two business days. Because everything is online, we don’t need branches. Of course, you can contact us online or on the phone should anything pop up.

Fairer rates, combined with a fast and simple online experience, based on community driven thinking. That’s the difference.